So you’ve got your new amazing custom hydro flask® and you’re officially the coolest kid on the block! But there are a few hydroflask accessories that make the hydro life even better (plus the protect your valuable bottle!). Here are some of our favorites. These are the best hydro flask accessories to help you get the most out of your custom hydro:

[Most of these are Hydro Flask® accessories on Amazon. As Amazon Associates we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases, but it is at no expense to you.]

  1. Paracord Handle
    We can’t overstate how convenient, protective and worthwhile getting a good paracord handle is!  Not only does it make toting your bottle around easier, it also results in dropping it a lot less. It’s great for hiking and other outdoor activities, and for every-day use around the house or work.  There are tons of cool colors and designs you can find on Amazon so find a color combo that you love!  Plus if you’re ever in a survival situation paracord is one of the most handy items to have on hand.
  1.  Silicone Boot/Bottom Case
    These may seem like a simple addition to an already amazing waterbottle, but they can save your flask from a lot of knicks, dings, and dents.  In addition they help your bottle not tip over as much, stay in cup holders better and not make as much noise! We recommend getting a clear one like this so you can still show off your amazing custom hydro design while simultaneously protecting your bottle.
  1. Cleaning Kit Brushes
    Nothing is worse than a dirty flask!  Brushes like these are super useful for cleaning inside the straw, mouthpiece and water bottle.  Bacteria and germs can hide out in those small crevices and underneath the roof of the bottle, so it’s nice to have tools like these to really get a good deep clean.
  1. Cleaning Tablets
    Along the same lines as #3 are water bottle cleaning flasks.  These remove chlorine, odors, stains, and germs better than standard dish soap does. This brand is also biodegradable, natural and environmentally friendly. Just fill with warm water, pop a tablet in, wait 15-30 minutes and voila! Your bottle is as fresh as the day you purchased it.
  1. Alternative Lids
    If you have a 32+ oz bottle we definitely recommend getting a straw lid instead of a screw-cap.  Straws make staying hydrated easier than ever and help you avoid the wide-mouth spilling by the corners of your mouth… trust us, it happens. 😊 That being said, it’s nice to have a screw cap for excursions and trips where your bottle gets tossed around a bit, as the straw caps are not completely leak-proof.


  1. Replacement Straws
    If you do end up getting a straw lid it’s also nice to have some replacement straws handy.  Straws can get bent, lost and corroded with time. Sets like this even come with straw cleaners so it makes replacing and maintaining your straw easy-peasy!

Do you have other favorite Hydro Flask®  Accessories?  If so we’d love to hear about them!  Comment below, or DM us on Instagram to share some of your favs.

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